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CASE: Saab Aerostructures

Conveyor transport at high level and lateral

The aviation industry is one of the world’s most high-tech industries where the demands on cleanliness, efficiency and precision are extremely high. SAAB Aerostructures gave OCS the mission of developing a solution for transporting components between assembly stations and NC machines.

We had previously collaborated with SAAB so they knew that our clean and quiet hanging conveyors gave the flexibility and opportunity for future changes that were required.

Aerospace SAAB

However, the production solution was completely new to SAAB, and the challenge was to manage the jigsaws between 16 different assembly stations and a NC machine. As in most projects where OCS develops, manufactures and installs the systems using overhead conveyors, the solution preceded the close collaboration with the customer, giving us clear benchmarks and the requirements for complete results.

Following a process of detailed sketches and drawings, a solution was developed with an OCS 500 system where the overhead conveyor transports the components (C-rib and Lever) between assembly stations and NC machines. In 16 assembly stations, components are loaded and mounted in a Jig, which is then transported to the NC machine and then back to the respective assembly station. The transport takes place at 6 meters height and laterally with an OCS transport truck. Movement up and down is controlled by frequency controlled hoist and the maximum load is 1500kg.


  • An oil-free, clean and quiet system
  • Ergonomic and space efficient
  • Height forward sideways
  • Frequency controlled motion up and down
  • Can be driven back and forth