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VERTICAL FARMING: Overhead conveyors

Conveyors for a green and sustainable industry

Revolutionize the way you grow and produce leafy vegetables.
OCS supports the vertical farming market with special designed conveyor solutions, helping vertical farmers to achieve maximum productivity.

Our long and extensive experience from a range of different applications and industries, provides enormous flexibility when it comes to creating custom made vertical farming solutions. Our system offers a high degree of factory automation and is clean, quiet and oil-free, which is extremely important in these types of environments.

OCS overhead conveyor systems for smart farming:

  • Automated transport from sowing to growing area and onwards to harvesting
  • We can handle hanging towers or trays
  • Layouts are designed to meet the requirements of the crop
  • Each carrier holds multiple towers or plant trays
  • Optimized utilization of available floor space and ceiling height

Benefits with hanging conveyors: 

  • Reduce labor cost thanks to automatic handling of towers/trays
  • High degree of automation – cuts production cost
  • By the use of uniquely identified carriers using RFID each tower/tray can easily be located and directed to its destination
  • The system is clean and requires no lubrication
  • Optimized utilization of floorspace and vertical space, to maximize production capacity
  • Higher quality, easy access to crop control

With the OCS technology, farmers can grow healthy crops, while dramatically reducing energy and labour costs.

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