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Automotive: Overhead- and floor conveyors

Conveyors for a complex industry with new components

The automotive industry is characterized by many components that are renewed at relatively high frequency, demands from the market on new models and many suppliers.

Therefore, internal transport systems with conveyors for the automotive industry must be flexible, easy to maintain, and able to communicate with machines such as robots, screwdrivers and superior process systems. Furthermore, conveyor systems must be modular to be able to be quickly expanded, for example, new workstations.

Like other modern industries, the conveyor solutions should also be clean, quiet and ergonomic to meet both technical and human requirements . With the OCS patented Overhead conveyor solutions – based on friction instead of designs that are space-intensive, inflexible chain or the more expensive EMS Electric Monorail system – all the requirements are achieved for a smooth, quiet and clean motion.

Of course, we also offer traditional floor conveyors for handling pieceware.

PDF-Brochure: Material flow solutions and assembly lines for the Automotive industry
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