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Efficient solutions for the Intralogistics Industry

The logistics industry as well as the e-commerce industry is characterized by rapid growth with a strong focus on efficiency and automation. By using OCS hanging conveyor systems, valuable floor space is freed up. The system is robust, flexible and modular for easy changes and low maintenance cost.

For all types of challenges within: Logistics, Distribution and E-commerce.

Efficient order picking system for the intralogistics industry

Our solution together with vertical lift/carousel storages dramatically increases efficiency and capacity. The objective is to manage multiple orders simultaneously.

Each hanging trolley can be designed to the customer’s needs regarding size, load or number of drawers per trolley. By using Overhead conveyors, you will optimize floor space utilization and improve operator accessibility and ergonomics. The most important factor for increased picking efficiency is that many orders are handled at the vertical lifts, thus more possible picks on each picking tray.

  • Compact layout
  • Used for both orders (B2B/B2C) and replenishment
  • Separate stations for packing and incoming goods
  • High frequency products located in a separate station
  • Embedded buffers to balance the flow
  • “Open floor”, easy access to the different stations
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A solution in cooperation with Randex

Product carrier:

  • Designed to your needs
  • Shipping boxes and/or plastic totes
  • Mix of box/tote sizes possible
  • Separate carrier for incoming goods
  • Improved ergonomics


  • Multiple customer orders handled and transported together on the same carrier
  • More possible picks per tray
  • “Open box” (B2B) and E-commerce (B2C) possible in the same system
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Trolley storage

OCS overhead conveyor solutions increase storage density in the Intralogistics industry – from light items to heavy and bulk parts. Our highly flexible conveyor can be used for all kinds of goods – from single products, pallets, cartons and trays to trolleys and odd-sizes loads. The product carrier is always designed to meet the customer needs.

Our turn-key solutions increase capacity, with reduced production costs.

Storage and transport solutions for garments

The OCS Overhead Conveyor system will help you maximize floor space utilization and boost the productivity of your operations. Our conveyors can be used to store high volumes of hanging garments with high density and retrieve
specific garments quickly and efficiently.

Logistik och e-handel
PDF-Brochure: Assembly solutions for Intralogistics and E-commerce
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