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Case: Overhead conveyors

Conveyor installations all over the world

We design, manufacture and install our overhead conveyors all over the world. Today, we have well over 300 systems in operation that simplify the work in most industries – from the automotive and aviation industry to the surface treatment and furniture industry. Under Industries you will find brief summaries for many of our installations. Here we present some of our latest cases a little more extensively.


Faster turnaround time and increased production

Airbus in France is along with Boeing one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. In 2017, they delivered more than 700 aircraft. For assembly stations in Toulouse we have supplied conveyor systems to four new assembly lines.

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Nord Drivesystem

Efficient and safe paint line for electric motors

The surface treatment industry has a complex process with many steps. Whether it’s wet painting, lacquering or electrophoretic deposition, whether it’s metals, plastics or other materials that are treated, purity and safety are of paramount importance.

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Assembly line for aircraft components

Transport at high level and lateral

The aviation industry is one of the world’s most high-tech industries where the demands on cleanliness, efficiency and precision are extremely high. SAAB Aerostructures gave OCS the mission of developing a solution for transporting components between assembly stations and NC machines.

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