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Overhead- and floor conveyors

Solutions based on your requirements

OCS offers a complete range of internal transport systems with focus on overhead conveyor solutions for production processes and storage systems. The systems have all the necessary features such as Power & Free buffers, workstations, switches, curves, vertical conveyors and automatic loading positions.

As the OCS system for overhead conveyors are standard components built in to modules, we can quickly and easily adapt to manage the processes even after installation and commissioning.

Overhead conveyors

Oil-free and quiet technology

Our internal transport systems with overhead conveyors for the modern industry are based on a friction-based technology that gives a smooth, quiet and clean motion. The solution has more features than traditional Power & Free chain conveyors and similar features as in EMS electric Monorail systems, but at a lower cost.

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Floor conveyors

In combination with overhead conveyors

From experience, we know that a combination of different transport solutions for larger internal transport systems may sometimes be the best solution.  Therefore, in some cases, we may suggest a solution in which we combine our hanging solutions with more traditional floor conveyors.

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