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Internal transport systems
based on your needs

OCS offers a complete range of internal transport systems with overhead and floor conveyors for production processes and storage systems. From experience, we know that a combination of different transport solutions can sometimes be the optimal solution for larger internal transport systems.

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Efficient material flow solutions

We solve your internal transport needs with the best solution for your operation/business.

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Increase productivity

Our Turn-key solutions increase capacity, with reduced production costs, in e.g. kitting and assembly processes.

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Lean, clean, Green – sustainable production

Efficient production flows that are oil free, quiet, energy effective and safe.

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Your need - Our Know How

You will benefit from our competence and experience in material flow solutions for the industry.

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Future proof technology

The OCS conveyor system is robust, flexible and modular for easy changes and low maintenance costs.

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Increased safety & security with direct impact on profitability

Increase staff productivity and yield in a safe and ergonomic working environment.

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Maximize valuable floorspace

With OCS overhead conveyors valuable floor space in production is made available.

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Service World Wide

Service and support organization in Europe, USA and Japan.

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500 systems World Wide

More than 500 installed OCS systems in more than 30 countries.

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Quick installation

Minimal interruption of production through smart installations.

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For all types of industries

Worldwide Know-How, and extensive experience from a range of different industries.

Efficient solution for handling returns

As the world’s leading multichannel specialist retailer for bikes and outdoors, Internetstores brings thousands of people onto their bikes and into nature every day. The online platforms fahrrad.de, Brügelmann, Bikester, Probikeshop, Campz and Addnature offer more than 130 000 products and 1,300 brands. Up until 2019, the returns were processed at the Internetstores location in Esslingen, but based on the previous positive experience with the OCS Overhead Conveyor System in Gehrde, Internetstores decided to install a different OCS system – this time to process all returns.

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Conveyors - good for business

With our unique overhead conveyors and extensive knowledge of lean and production, we help companies all around the world with clean and green conveyor solutions.

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Patented friction-based technology

The mechanism of the OCS Overhead conveyor is based on a friction drive using worm gearmotors. The system can also be operated manually.

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Questions for a sustainable industry

Our patented conveyor technology moves components reliable in a clean and quiet environment. No dirty oil, static chain solutions or unnecessary expensive EMS Monorail system. OCS is Lean, Clean and Green.

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