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CASE: NORD Drivesystem

Efficient and safe conveyor paint line for electric motors

The surface treatment industry has a complex process with many steps. Whether it’s wet painting, lacquering or electrophoretic deposition, whether it’s metals, plastics or other materials that are treated, purity and safety are of paramount importance.

When NORD Drivesystems modernized its painting facility with the latest technology for painting its electric motors, a decision was made to enter a collaborative partnership with Heimer and OCS. Up until then, a solution with chain conveyor had been used. To the new department there was a need for clean and space efficient overhead conveyors.

NORD Drivesystems – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic drive technology – ordered a pre-design with carefully specified requirements. Together with Heimer, which offer systems for everything in painting, we developed a solution based on the number of stations with spray booths as well as buffer and load requirements.

Finishing Paint System - OCS Hang conveyor

Important parameters we had to consider were that the motors had to be able to go back and forth to be painted several times, as well as sequential transport to the warehouse. From the warehouse, the motors would then go to six packing stations for packing and further delivery to the customer.

The solution became a system with the OCS 500 overhead conveyor which included loading stations, to provide an automatic buffer of products before the measurement station. After the measurement station, the motors are transported to a storage area, where the various parts are automatically unloaded with a stacking crane into the storage space. From the storage space, the items are dispatched via the OCS overhead conveyor system to packaging areas in the requested delivery sequence.

Today, NORD Drivesystems has a clean, quiet and ergonomic painting facility with a very smooth movement, where you can paint all colors with most painting programs. Furthermore, the plant’s process and technology enable fast delivery if something needs to be prioritized.


  • An oil-free, clean and quiet system
  • Ergonomic and space efficient
  • Safety approved as per the ATEX Directive
  • Can be driven back and forth at different speeds
  • Sequentially controlled depending on needs and requirements