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CASE: Airbus

Faster turnaround time and increased production for Airbus

Airbus in France is along with Boeing one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. In 2017, they delivered more than 700 aircraft. For assembly stations in Toulouse we have supplied conveyor systems to four new assembly lines.

The mission was to create a flexible and ergonomic assembly line with short lead time. The aim was to increase the number of assembled pylons to the Airbus A320neo – the world’s most advanced and fuel-efficient passenger airplane with an aisle.

The conveyor system transports the pylons weighing up to 1200kg and is between 4 and 6 meters long, automatically at a height of 5.5 meters. The pylons are lowered and discharged onto the respective assembly station, after which the product carrier rises to retrieve a new pylon. The four assembly lines together have a total of 42 product fixtures. OCS has taken responsibility from design and manufacturing to the implementation of ready-made assembly lines.


  • Shortened lead time
  • Increased number of assembled pylons
  • Oil-free, clean and quiet system
  • Ergonomic and space efficient
  • Flexible for mounting different pylons
  • Developed and implemented according to Lean