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We welcome Cyril Monteil to our new office in France

We are pleased to announce that the OCS Overhead Conveyor System business is expanding to not only include Sweden and the UK but also France, where Cyril Monteil is our new colleague. He will be the Sales Manager and responsible for establishing OCS in France. We welcome Cyril by getting to know him a bit more and learning what the key success factors for OCS in France will be.

image of Cyril Monteil

What is your background?

One of my previous positions was at one of the leading overhead conveyor companies in France. I am positive that having experienced different roles in different companies, from the simple technician to the head of service and finally head of international contracts, has given me qualifications and prepared me to successfully take on this new role.

What is your role at the French office?

My main task is to introduce and establish OCS in France. I will do that by demonstrating the technical qualities of our conveyor systems. OCS is now a key player for overhead conveyors in France and it’s my job to communicate that. I live near Fontainebleau which is 1.5h south of Paris and more or less in the middle of the country. Most of my clients are situated in the four corners of France which makes it very accessible.

What are the key success factors for OCS in France?

It’s actually pretty simple. At the moment the industry is experiencing a significant transformation, namely Industry 4.0, and France is right in the beginning of that. OCS has already implemented this new way of production and manufacturing which gives us a competitive advantage. France has the desire to reindustrialize the country and to be more innovative. In order to do that, the country need to adapt. Therefore, OCS is in a favorable position to claim big parts of the market right from the start. Industry 4.0 is all about automation solutions being highly cognitive and highly autonomous. Artificial intelligence (AI), advanced robotics and sensor technology have the potential to increase autonomy furthermore. OCS is already there, and on top of that they have integrated the three parameters of lean, clean and green production which gives us yet another competitive advantage. This will, undoubtfully, make OCS the top supplier of the conveyor market in France, and I feel honoured to be a part of this exhilarating ride.