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OCS opens new workspaces in growing Viared area

“It has been raining since last Christmas, but on the very day we open the head office and production site at Viared, the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. Naturally, this feels very delightful, especially now that the whole organization from Europe and the US is present”.

Group Photo from left: Steve Groocock, Kenth Almqvist, – , Christer Lundgren

Kenth Almqvist, co-owner and CEO of the conveyor company OCS, is slightly tired but proud after yesterday’s opening. The new 3,500-square-foot property lies next door to the Ellos Group’s new logistics center, which will also be opened in the growing Viared area, just west of Borås, in about a month.

“We took the chance to automate our own processes, as we are experts in overhead conveyors where today’s industry focuses on automation and lean production. At the same time, we have also put great emphasis into the working environment, ergonomics and efficient workspaces. Our own production is going to function as a Center of Excellence”, says Kenth Almqvist.

OCS develops and produces overhead conveyors for, among others, the automotive and aerospace industries. With the new property, it grows from 2,000 to 3,500 square meters, with the p ossibility to increase by an additional 1,500 for future needs.

“We are now well positioned to continue to grow in both existing and new markets”, concludes Christer Lundgren, sales manager and co-owner at OCS.