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Installing, expanding and maintaining a system from OCS

Overhead Conveyor System – OCS 150

Is it easy to install an overhead conveyor system?

Whether we’re replacing parts of your old system or building a brand new one, the design of an OCS system is based on modular prefabricated components. In comparison with more traditional systems, OCS’ modular components can be installed in much less time which makes it fairly easy to install and more cost efficient.

Can I expand or rebuild an existing system?

Due to the use of modular components, it is possible to expand or rebuild an existing system in a simple, fast and straightforward manner. New components can be installed with ease and the system can easily be upscaled as your production levels increase. As the system is operated sectionally, and driven with individual motors, we can pause one section at a time and therefore install new components without interrupting the rest of the production line.

A system with minimal maintenance and quick repairs

In general, our systems require minimal maintenance as they are for example chain-free and therefore also oil-free. When needed though, the system is easy to maintain since the OCS trolleys do not have their own drive, and parts can be repaired or exchanged quickly. Defects within the OCS system are usually easy to detect and could even be fixed by the customer’s own maintenance personnel. Depending on the size and complexity of the system, we usually recommend an annual maintenance check. During this check, normal wear parts are replaced, and all components are checked to work correctly.