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Advantages with a friction-based overhead conveyor system

The overhead conveyors at OCS are built on a patented friction-based technology. When using this type of conveyor system, it results in a safe, chain-free, quiet, oil-free and energy efficient process.

Overhead Conveyor System schematics

Today’s industry is characterized by a pace requiring rapid changes in production. It must be efficient, clean and quiet, with consistent and smooth transportation, whether it’s order picking, storage, assembly or manufacturing. Our overhead conveyor systems meet all the requirements imposed on lean and chain-free conveyor solutions thanks to our friction-based technology.

Friction-free by friction

A frictionless production process that is lean is something that everyone strives for. At OCS, we do this by building our technology on friction. A patented technology that provides chain-free, oil-free, quiet and flexible conveyor solutions.

Clean and oil-free

Quiet, clean and reliable. Since it’s chain-free there is no dirty oil, as with traditional chain conveyors, which also eliminates falling debris from a dirty chain contaminating the parts you’re moving.

Efficient installation

Quick installation with minor interruption of existing production, and minimal maintenance is required. Whether we’re replacing parts of an old system or building a new one, the installation will be completed in less time than a traditional conveyor system.

Flexible and smooth

Modularly-built standard components to enable fast switching.

Increases efficiency – maximizes space

The flexibility of this solution, due to it being chain-free, allows parts to move both forward and backward, and to be controlled at various speeds in process zones. The operator can then choose to stop a process completely without affecting other ongoing processes in the rest of the line, unlike chain driven conveyor systems. As it’s operated sectionally, the energy requirements for the system can be optimized to the needs of each area. A complete OCS conveyor system therefore maximizes efficiency while using approximately 30 percent less floor space compared to a traditional conveyor system.