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5 Conveyor Safety Tips

When it comes to conveyor systems, safety should always come first – especially to protect your co-workers from conveyor related injuries, but also to protect your machines and the production. Here are five conveyor safety tips as a checklist of things to never forget.

5 Conveyor Safety Tips

Apart from being clean, quiet and efficient, one of the main advantages with the OCS friction-based system is safety. For example, since the system is driven by friction it would stop if there is something in the way that obstructs the carrier. OCS has also completed tests on the system to ensure that it is safe for co-workers to move around and be close to the system while it’s running. The tests are in accordance with the Swedish law and approved by RISE, the Research Institutes of Sweden. Still, there are other important factors to consider in order to create the safest work environment you possibly can.

5 tips to keep your co-workers safe

1. Keep loose clothing, jewelry and hair away

This may seem obvious to some, but you’d be surprised the number of injuries that happen yearly because of this.

2. Conveyor controls should operate correctly

By inspecting your conveyor controls regularly, you can make sure no one has accidentally modified or disconnected them. It’s also important to know the location of every emergency stop.

3. All conveyor guards need to be in place

Check all the protection plates and guards on a regular basis so they are in place in order to protect people from falling objects.

4. Keep it tidy

Our friction-based system is chain free which limits the risk for any fallen debris or dirty oil dripping down on employees. Try to keep the area surrounding the conveyors as clean as possible to reduce the risk of an accident, but also in order to make sure that the system runs smoothly.

5. Conveyor safety training should be a priority

Frequent updates and safety courses should be included in your training program. This could in fact turn out to be biggest help in preventing conveyor related injuries.