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Efficient and safe paint line for electric motors

The surface treatment industry has a complex process with many steps. Whether it’s wet painting, lacquering or electrophoretic deposition, whether it’s metals, plastics or other materials that are treated, purity and safety are of paramount importance.

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Considerations for the industry of tomorrow

Modern industry – regardless of line of business – is driven by three parameters: There must be efficient and flexible production processes; the industry must be as ergonomic and clean as possible, and must conserve energy and resources in order not to adversely affect the environment.

To Lean, Clean & Green

Customized solutions

It pays off to invest in a transportation system that is customized to your specific needs compared to just choose the simplest solution for the day.

Everything is based on your needs

We begin to analyze your business which is based on present and future needs, pre-studies, capacity demands, availability, floor space etc. The result from our analysis is presented in a conceptual solution complete with layout, flow scheme, accessibility calculation, bill of materials, cost estimates and other important information. OCS has special competence in assembly lines, order picking, customer order based production, sorting, buffering, storage and distribution processes.

Here you can see examples of smart solutions that increase your efficiency and profitability: Solutions

Tailor made profitability

OCS always aim for better solutions. We constantly make things a little more efficient, a little smoother, a little faster, and a little smarter. Our systems are based on standard modules, but each solution is unique, as every need is unique.

Our unique selling points (USP)

We can offer our clients smarter solutions due to several unique aspects:

  • Modular built up standard components allowing easy and rapid changes in the further development of the production process
  • Easy to combine driven and manual lines
  • Oil-free, clean and a quiet system
  • Possibility to get different speeds in different sections of the system
  • Possibility to buffer and transport various products high up above the ground level
  • Free useful floor space and working area
  • Mezzanine solutions for maximum use of the area

Thank you for this year

After an exciting and challenging year we look forward with pleasure to 2017. The office in Sweden will be open as usual, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will will be glad to assist you.

Good news!

We are proud to announce that in June 2016, OCS has been certified according to ISO-9001 (Quality) and ISO-14001 (Environment). With skilled and motivated staff in dialogue with the customer our goal is to develop, manufacture and deliver products that always meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. Right quality is our guarantee of profitability and long-term survival.

In 2016, we have also received ‘Triple A’ (AAA) which is the highest credit worthiness.

ISO Certificate 9001

ISO Certificate 14001

Quality and Environmental policy

Highest credit worthiness