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We welcome Cyril Monteil to our new office in France

We are pleased to announce that the OCS Overhead Conveyor System business is expanding to not only include Sweden and the UK but also France, where Cyril Monteil is our new colleague. He will be the Sales Manager and responsible for establishing OCS in France. We welcome Cyril by getting to know him a bit more and learning what the key success factors for OCS in France will be.

What is your background?
One of my previous positions was at one of the leading overhead conveyor companies in France. I am positive that having experienced different roles in different companies, from the simple technician to the head of service and finally head of international contracts, has given me qualifications and prepared me to successfully take on this new role.

What is your role at the French office?
My main task is to introduce and establish OCS in France. I will do that by demonstrating the technical qualities of our conveyor systems. OCS is now a key player for overhead conveyors in France and it’s my job to communicate that. I live near Fontainebleau which is 1.5h south of Paris and more or less in the middle of the country. Most of my clients are situated in the four corners of France which makes it very accessible.

What are the key success factors for OCS in France?
It’s actually pretty simple. At the moment the industry is experiencing a significant transformation, namely Industry 4.0, and France is right in the beginning of that. OCS has already implemented this new way of production and manufacturing which gives us a competitive advantage. France has the desire to reindustrialize the country and to be more innovative. In order to do that, the country need to adapt. Therefore, OCS is in a favorable position to claim big parts of the market right from the start. Industry 4.0 is all about automation solutions being highly cognitive and highly autonomous. Artificial intelligence (AI), advanced robotics and sensor technology have the potential to increase autonomy furthermore. OCS is already there, and on top of that they have integrated the three parameters of lean, clean and green production which gives us yet another competitive advantage. This will, undoubtfully, make OCS the top supplier of the conveyor market in France, and I feel honoured to be a part of this exhilarating ride.

Axel Johnson International enters industrial automation via acquisition of OCS

Axel Johnson International has entered the market for overhead conveying solutions and industrial automation by acquiring a majority stake in OCS AB, a global provider of overhead conveyor systems based in Borås, Sweden.

OCS provides high quality overhead conveyors systems for the automotive, aviation and general industries and has a particularly strong presence in the Nordic region and central Europe. The Company adds SEK 100 million of revenue to the Axel Johnson International group and will form an initial platform from which the Group intends to build a strong Pan-European player within industrial automation. The acquisition is well aligned with the Group’s long-term strategy to provide complete technical solutions for a variety of industrial customers and applications.

“The acquisition of OCS is a milestone for Axel Johnson International as it marks our first investment within industrial automation,” says Martin Malmvik, CEO of Axel Johnson International, who will become chairman of OCS AB. “We see considerable growth potential and will work closely with the management team to support them in every way we can.”

OCS will continue to operate under its current brand name as part of Axel Johnson International’s Industrial Solutions business group. The current owners will remain involved with relevant minority stake ownership, thereby aligning owner incentives and creating a strong sense of partnership between the two parties.

“Becoming part of the Axel Johnson International family of companies will create many new opportunities for OCS Group’s customers and staff, and I look forward to continuing to lead the company,” says Kenth Almqvist who together with Christer Lundgren and Mathias Frunz will remain part owners of the OCS Group. “Together we will work to further strengthen our offering to the market for lean, clean and green manufacturing.”

For further information, please contact:

Hans Glemstedt, Head of Strategy and M&A, Axel Johnson International,
+46 (0)8 453 77 41, hans.glemstedt@axinter.com
Martin Malmvik, CEO & President, Axel Johnson International,
+46 (0)8 453 77 51, martin.malmvik@axinter.com
Kenth Almqvist, CEO, OCS Holding AB
+46 (0)33 23 34 40, ka@ocs.se 

About OCS Overhead Conveyor System AB

Headquartered in Borås, Sweden, OCS is a niche player within industrial automation designing, manufacturing and installing advanced overhead conveyors systems for industrial applications. The Company was founded in 1993 and delivers systems to customers across the world and to a variety of industries.


About Axel Johnson International AB 

Axel Johnson International is a privately owned Swedish industrial group of more than 100 companies in 25 countries, with combined annual sales of EUR 790 million. We drive business development and growth through a long-term approach to ownership in strategic niche markets, primarily technical components and solutions for industrial processes. Axel Johnson International is organised in four business groups: Fluid Handling Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Lifting Solutions and Transport Solutions.


Conveyor system for the surface treatment industry

Have you discovered that most traditional surface treatment systems aren’t meeting the unique needs of your company? The OCS conveyor system uses a chain-free and friction-based technology that meets all the requirements for safe, quiet, clean and energy efficient transportation. It has features that the traditionalPower and Freeconveyors or the significantly more expensive EMScannot compete with.

Chain-free friction-based technology maximizes space and efficiency

The technology that makes the OCS Conveyor System revolutionary is its smart controls and flexible design. Unlike the chain-driven components of Power and Freeconveyors and the EMS (Electric Monorail system), the friction-driven conveyor technology allows parts to move both forward and backward at variable speeds at any point in the system.As the system can be controlled at various speeds in process zones, the operator can choose to stop a process completelywithout affecting other ongoing surface treatmentsin the rest of the line. A complete OCS conveyor system thus maximizes efficiency while using approximately 30 percent less floor space compared to a traditional conveyor system.

Lean, clean & green production

An OCS conveyor system also contributes to making your production more lean, clean & green. A chain-free system eliminates falling debris from a dirty chain, and thus avoiding oil and dirt contaminating the parts, ensuring a perfect surface treatment result. The OCS 500 system allows you to input unique recipes for each part family and reduce chemical waste and energy usage by turning off the modules and conveyor when they are not in use. Not to mention that acomplete setup of an OCS system reduces the ecological footprint by up to 30 percent.

OCS Conveyor System – A smarter system and a faster process

Smart controls provide operational insight as opposed to what the more traditional methods can offer. For example, you can speed up finishing by allowing multiple part families to be painted on a single system. After the user enters the specific recipe, the system can track individual components. This results in a fast and optimized process, and the system ensures quality by reviewing connected environmental conditions.All modules and components of the system are pre-assembled and delivered in complete assemblies. Whether we’re replacing your old system or building a new one, the installation will be completed in half the time of a traditional system. All to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Modern surface treatment industry should be efficient, clean and quiet with a smooth and soft transportation. OCS patented solution for conveyor systems – based on friction instead of chain – is space efficient, oil-free, requires low maintenance, provides short lead times and enables flexibility that makes it quite unique on the market.

Read more about surface treatment here.

Visit us at Robotics and Automation in the UK

On October 10-11 we are exhibiting at Robotics and Automation – the leading exhibition in the UK for the latest innovations and technology for improving efficiency, reducing errors, drive down costs and gain competitive advantages.Register for free by clicking the link below and visit us at the Arena MK, stand 315, Milton Keynes.

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We welcome Steve Groocock to our new UK office

We are very happy to announce that we are expanding the Swedish OCS Overhead Conveyor System business to include the UK, where Steve Groocockis our new co-worker. He will be the Business Development Manager and responsible for the sales in the UK to all industries. We welcome Steve by learning a bit more about him and his plans for the UK market.

What is your background?
I’ve been in the automation industry for more than 15 years, so I would say I have an extensive experience of sales management. I know the industry well and I know about meeting specifications and exceeding expectations. My previous position was at the global company Bosch Rexroth where I worked as a sales manager.

What is your role at the UK office?
My main function is to market and establish OCS and the conveyor systems on the UK market. I do that by networking and integrating with the industry, which makes Leicester the perfect location. It’s situated within 30 miles from Birmingham where the main automotive industry is located in the UK. From here I can easily manage any exhibitions and other market activities – both local and nationwide.

What is your vision?
My vision is to have the OCS product established into the UK market so that OCS is one of the first choices for overhead conveyor systems. The goal is also to become a brand that is recognisable in the UK automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) against our competitors, and to drive the brand into other well-established industries as a go-to product for new automation solutions. Alongside the expansion plans, I vision a small team of experienced personnel so that the UK can work as a standalone office and still utilize what the Swedish office has to offer, but with minimal reliance.

What are the key success factors for OCS in the UK?
The launch of the new webpage was a great milestone and has already led to a handful of inquiries. In each and every one of those inquires there is always at least one objective for either making the process leaner, the system more efficient and cleaner, or to conserve resources such as electricity for the process to be greener. With these unique selling points, OCS have some great opportunities of consuming market share. I feel very proud to be part of a company where those three parameters not only guide us co-workers, but actually set the guidelines for the entire company and how we do business.

You can contact Steve here.

Faster turnaround time and increased production

French Airbus is, along with Boeing, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer. In 2017, they delivered more than 700 aircrafts. For the assembly station in Toulouse we have supplied conveyor systems to four new assembly lines.

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