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OCS Digital Control (OCS DC) is our standardized controls and software platform used in our OCS solutions. This platform consist of selected motors, sensors, RFID-readers, etc – a PLC for the main logics, programmed with standardized blocks – and on top our SCADA system for information management and advanced flow control. OCS DC provides real-time information about your system and production, wherever you are.

Choose between Basic, Standard or Premium.

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Addon Addon
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1 pc
2-5 pcs
6+ pcs

Conveyor Overview down to device (I/O)

User management

Super user

Larm handling

Incident tracking
Event list

Support page

System information

Language EN and local

Carrier real-time tracking

Standard dashboard

Technical availability
Live analysis

Shift management

Service station page

RFID binder page

More pages

Process stop status page
Zone view (every zone one view)
Quality station
Customer specific

Third language

Preventive maintenance

Message control




Workspace analytics

Stock analysis

Web interface

Order handling

Trolley to sequence

Carrier real-time tracking

Product on it
Where it is

Work instructions

Pick to light

Emergency support

OEE statistics/measurements

Detail trouble shooting

Adaptive flow



What is SCADA?

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition, a term which describes the basic functions of a SCADA system. Companies use SCADA systems to control equipment across their sites and to collect and record data about their operations. You can use SCADA systems to:

  • Control processes locally or remotely
  • Interact with devices through HMI software
  • Collect, monitor and process data
  • Log events and data

What is OCS SCADA?

In OCS SCADA, we provide information and features relevant to an overhead conveyor system and reflects our long experiences from such systems.

Is the system user-friendly?

OCS DC has a clear menu structure and easily manageable worldview of the system. A miniature view of the line with zoom in and zoom out controls is always available. This offers users a possibility to navigate to or select a specific area or device in the line.

Is it possible to have multiple users in the system?

In OCS DC users with the correct authorization can create other users. Different authorization levels available for operators, supervisors, maintenance level and production manager etc.

We already have an OCS overhead conveyor system installed. Is it possible to add OCS Digital Control?

It is possible to add OCS Digital Control to an already existing line. However, the complexity of the installation may vary, based on what type of conveyor solution you have.

Does OCS DC offer easy access to alarms?

An alarm list is shown to easy track current alarms. On the alarm list screen, the user can find the current system alarms. Additional functionality available: It is possible to add on an alarm forwarding service in which we can forward the most important alarms to key personnel by short text messages (SMS).

What about energy optimization?

We always make sure that the conveyor system is as energy efficient as possible, e.g., motors and drive sections are shut down automatically when not in use. Motor speed and other power settings can also be adjusted in the system for best optimization.

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