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OCS 500 Overhead Conveyor

OCS 500 overhead conveyor – Up to 500kg/m

The basis of the system is a number of driven and / or manual tracks. To these, switches, curves and buffer sections are connected for a maximum flow in production. The modular system is adapted to load weight and other parameters. The OCS 500 overhead conveyor handles loads up to 500kg/m. The system enables quick and easy changes in further development of the production process.

Conveyor tracks

The conveyor tracks are simple, reliable and almost completely silent. The drive mechanism consists of a rotating tube driven by a worm gearmotor. The drive speed can be varied from 1 to 30m/min. Different sections of the system can run at different speeds, as well as backwards and forwards. Drive units can be equipped with frequency converters which provide a very smooth start and stop motion in individual positions.

Manual tracks

The trolleys on manual tracks are moved by hand with minimal effort both forwards and backwards.

The trolley

The trolley has four angled wheels that apply pressure on to a rotating aluminium tube. In this way, the rotational force is transferred through the angled wheels and the trolley is moved forward by friction. By using single, double or quattro trolleys means that different configurations allow different loads. The hanging powered transport wagons are controlled by a PLC or database system that can be linked to existing production systems.

Product carriers

The product carrier is developed and adapted based on needs, requirements and careful analysis. Designed to handle many different parts. Adjustable work height and rotation can be integrated as needed.


Workstations are designed according to the operator’s work and position. The carrier’s location is individually adjusted for the best possible ergonomics and productivity.

Curves & switches

Driven curves from 5° to 180°. A flexible tube drives the trolley through the whole curve section maintaining complete control, and smooth movement, over the trolley. In order to direct the trolleys around the system there are different types of switches – 45° and 90° in both directions – right and left.

Power & Free

Production systems need buffer zones for even balance. The OCS 500 overhead conveyor with Power & Free can buffer both on the driven track and at special buffer areas such as a robot station, loading and unloading.

Vertical conveyor / elevations

Vertical conveyors / elevations are usually the best solution when the trolleys are to be transported vertically. The OCS compact vertical conveyor takes up minimal space and can load on several levels. The system can also transport through inclines/declines of up to 30°  depending on load weight.

Control system

Material handling systems require a complete and advanced control system that controls flow and buffer quantities in production. The carts have barcodes or RFID for identification and traceability.

Costs and features

OCS transport solutions offer more features than traditional Power & Free systems and similar features as in EMS Electric Monorail systems, but at a lower cost. The technology is efficient and simple, because the system is very reliable and maintenance costs are low.