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Conveyor system for the surface treatment industry

Have you discovered that most traditional surface treatment systems aren’t meeting the unique needs of your company? The OCS conveyor system uses a chain-free and friction-based technology that meets all the requirements for safe, quiet, clean and energy efficient transportation. It has features that the traditional Power and Free conveyors or the significantly more expensive EMS cannot compete with.

Conveyor System för ytbehandlingsindustrin

Chain-free friction-based technology maximizes space and efficiency

The technology that makes the OCS Conveyor System revolutionary is its smart controls and flexible design. Unlike the chain-driven components of Power and Freeconveyors and the EMS (Electric Monorail system), the friction-driven conveyor technology allows parts to move both forward and backward at variable speeds at any point in the system.As the system can be controlled at various speeds in process zones, the operator can choose to stop a process completelywithout affecting other ongoing surface treatmentsin the rest of the line. A complete OCS conveyor system thus maximizes efficiency while using approximately 30 percent less floor space compared to a traditional conveyor system.

Lean, clean & green production

An OCS conveyor system also contributes to making your production more lean, clean & green. A chain-free system eliminates falling debris from a dirty chain, and thus avoiding oil and dirt contaminating the parts, ensuring a perfect surface treatment result. The OCS 500 system allows you to input unique recipes for each part family and reduce chemical waste and energy usage by turning off the modules and conveyor when they are not in use. Not to mention that acomplete setup of an OCS system reduces the ecological footprint by up to 30 percent.

OCS Conveyor System – A smarter system and a faster process

Smart controls provide operational insight as opposed to what the more traditional methods can offer. For example, you can speed up finishing by allowing multiple part families to be painted on a single system. After the user enters the specific recipe, the system can track individual components. This results in a fast and optimized process, and the system ensures quality by reviewing connected environmental conditions.All modules and components of the system are pre-assembled and delivered in complete assemblies. Whether we’re replacing your old system or building a new one, the installation will be completed in half the time of a traditional system. All to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Modern surface treatment industry should be efficient, clean and quiet with a smooth and soft transportation. OCS patented solution for conveyor systems – based on friction instead of chain – is space efficient, oil-free, requires low maintenance, provides short lead times and enables flexibility that makes it quite unique on the market.